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The Stock Family

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Front row seated: Jane, Mike, Mary (Mom), Lisa, Tom
Back row: Dan, Amy, Leroy (Dad), John, Ellen

Here's our crew.  This picture was taken in Overland Park, KS in August 1995, the year before Mom died.  The kids range in age from 40 (Mike) to 30 (Amy), and Dad was still a year away from retirement.

Stock Family History

Our family ancestry is German, Irish, Scottish, English, French, Danish, and even a dab of Jewish and American Indian.  So we're typical American mutts, mostly of European descent.  Our father Leroy's side is mostly German, with a little French and Danish thrown in.  They immigrated to this country between 1857 and 1887 and settled in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Mother Mary's side has been in this country a bit longer.  Her great grandparents on her mother's side were born in Ireland and immigrated here around 1850 and settled in St. Louis, Missouri.  Her father has ancestors that came from England and Scotland, and some of them have been in this country since the late 17th century.  They settled in New Jersey and Virginia, but migrated a little farther west with each generation, finally settling in St. Louis just prior to the Civil War.

All were Catholic with the exception of our grandfather, Larry Hoge.  He had to convert to Catholicism in order to marry Ellen Behan.  The men in our family have fought in Korea, WWII, WWI, the Civil War (mostly for the North), the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War. 

East and West Missouri met when Leroy Stock moved to Conception, Missouri in 1950 and met Mary Hoge.  They were married in 1954, and eventually found their way to Kansas City where my brothers and sisters and I grew up.

Here are our family names:
Stock, Stumpf, Feederle, Geiger, Hoge, Pilcher, Behan, Hewitt.  I've traced most back to the middle 19th century.  A couple of the Hoge and Pilcher lines can be traced back to 13th century and Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland.  Unfortunately for us it is along female lines, so we can't claim title to any Scottish castles... that is probably why our folks found their way to this country.

I've put together pedigree charts for both sides of our family, and a Family Group Sheet.  If you are really interested you can contact me and I'll send you the Gedcom file containing all the research I've done to date.  I'll try and update it each month.  Pedigree charts and group sheet require Adobe Reader and are suitable for printing.  The Gedcom file requires a genealogy program such as Family Tree Maker or Personal Ancestral File (available free Here) to read.  Click on hyperlinks below to view data:
Mike Stock



Stock Family Photos in progress


Stock Family Photos II in progress


Feederle Family Photos


Descendents of Bernard Louis Geiger


Pedigree Chart for Mary Hoge


Pedigree Chart for Leroy Stock


Stock Family Group Sheet


Moore and Pilcher - A Family History of
Clarissa Pilcher and Thomas A. Moore


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