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The Feederle Girls and Friends

I received this photo from Barbara (Stock) Berry of her mother Clara (Dalton) Stock and my grandmother Mary Louise (Feederle) Stock and their sisters. It was Clara and her husband Ray Stock who introduced Louise to my grandfather Joe Stock. Ray and Joe were cousins, and Joe told Ray he wanted "to meet someone". Since Ray's girlfriend Clara and Louise were best friends they decided to set Joe up with Louise. In the end Clara and Louise both found themselves in the Stock family.

L to R: Marguerite (Feederle) Zawacki, Ceal (Feederle) Fetzner, Frances (Feederle) Drake-Ross, Clara (Dalton)
Stock, Mary (Dalton) Molter, Mary Louise (Feederle) Stock.

Gustave Feederle Jr. and Family

From the ages of the children in this photo, I suspect it was taken in 1920, probably shortly before Louise Feederle married Joe Stock. I've included full names for the children in this family because of the habit they had of calling the girls by their middle names: Mary Louise was "Lou". Amelia Frances was "Frances", Cecilia Marie was "Ceal", and Anna Germaine was "Germaine".

Standing in back L to R: Charles Edward Feederle, Amelia Frances (Feederle) Drake-Ross, Mary Louise "Lou" (Feederle) Stock, Henry Leo Feederle, Cecilia Marie "Ceal" (Feederle) Fetzner. Front row: Anna Germaine (Feederle) Fleming, Gus Feederle, Amelia Theresa (Geiger) Feederle, Marguerite Gertrude (Feederle) Zawacki. On lap: Richard Feederle.

Amelia Theresa (Geiger) Feederle and Family - 1913

Standing L to R: Louise (Feederle) Stock-13, Frances (Feederle) Drake-Ross-9, Amelia (Geiger)
Feederle, Cecilia "Ceal" (Feederle) Fetzner-8, Henry Feederle-15. Seated L to R: Germaine
(Feederle) Fleming-2, Charlie Feederle-11, Marguerite (Feederle) Zawacki-5.

Amelia Theresa (Geiger) and Gus Feederle Jr. - 1918

Gus Feederle Jr.
at about 80 years old

Gus lived to be 82 years old and died in a fall at his home. My dad Leroy Stock went to see him at his home in Los Angeles when he returned from Korea in 1953. A week later he received news of Gus' passing and had to return for the funeral.

Gus Feederle and Wilhelmine "Minnie" (Feederle) Bettis - 1950

The Bernard Geiger Family

This photo was taken in 1904 in St. Joseph, Missouri by Gus Feederle, probably in the spring or fall. It includes eight of the  14 children of Bernard Geiger, his third wife Mary and four grandchildren. It includes my grandmother Louise (Feederle) Stock and great grandmother Amelia (Geiger) Feederle. Amelia was the product of Bernard's second marriage to Christina (Larson) Geiger who died in 1878 shortly after giving birth to her third child. The bird that Rose is holding remains unidentified.

Back row L to R: Bernard Geiger, Rosina "Rose" (Geiger) Hughes, Amelia Theresa (Geiger) Feederle, Anna Maria (Geiger) Campbell, Mary Theresa "Mayme" (Geiger) Spellman. Second row: Agnes Dorthea "Dorothy" (Geiger) Beerli, William Augustine "Uncle Gus" Geiger, Cecilia (Geiger) Olson, Mary (Meister) Geiger. Front row: Henry Leo Feederle, Mary Louise "Lou" (Feederle) Stock, Magdalene (Geiger) Lagalle. On lap: Amelia Frances (Feederle) Drake-Ross. In buggy: Frances Mary (Spellman) Hodes.