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Joe and Agnes Stock's 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo in Kansas City, MO. September 1940

L to R standing: Eugene Stock, Norbert Stock, Stella (Boggs) Stock, Tony Stock, Emil Stock, Rose (Messenbrink) Stock, Joe Stock Jr., Mary Louise (Feederle) Stock, Bro. Louis Stock, Loeta Belle (Compton) Stock, Leo Stock. Seated middle: Anna (Stock) Sosinski, Joseph Carl Stock Sr., Agnes (Stumpf) Stock, Bertha (Stock) Cassity, Milton Cassity. Front row: Leroy Stock, Dolores (Sosinski) Fennewald, Mary Ann (Stock) Mullen, Sharon (Stock) Adams, Ida Belle (Corbett) Gallego. On lap: Robert Dean (Stock) Corbett.

Pictured above are 22 of the hundreds of descendents of Monika (Heite) Stock and her two husbands; brothers John and Charles Stock. Joe and Agnes Stock have gathered the family together in Kansas City to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Joe is the youngest son of Monika and Charles Stock.

Included in the photo above is Brother Louis Stock, youngest son of Joe and Agnes Stock. Brother Louis was a Catholic monk who served at St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana until his death in 1988. In his spare time Bro. Louis liked to correspond with the folks back home in Kansas City and St. Joseph, MO, and collect vital birth, death and marriage information from Stock family members all over the country. His hobby culminated in the publication of The Stock Family Tree, 2nd Edition in 1966... it is his legacy to us.

Monika and Charles Stock, along with four of her five children immigrated to America from Bavaria, Germany in the middle 1880s. They settled in a German-Catholic community in St. Joseph, Missouri. From census data it appears that Monika's son Emil Stock came first with his wife Antonia in 1882. Monika came with her family in 1884 which included husband Charles and sons Frank, Leo and 15 year old Joe Stock (pictured here). She had an older daughter named Maria (Stock) Herbert who did not make the trip to America. She married Johann Herbert and stayed in Germany where they raised a family of three daughters and one son. We currently do not have any information on that branch of the family.

It's been over forty years since Brother Louis first shared his family tree with us. It has been a great source of Stock family information, but it is now hopelessly out of date. For that reason I would like to get back in touch with cousins in the family tree and get updated family information to bring it into the 21st century. I plan to stay true to Brother Louis' vision of documenting the descendents of Monika (Heite) Stock and her four sons who made the trip to America. Eventually I will try and find relatives in Germany, but for now we will concentrate on expanding the list Brother Louis provided.

I'll use this website to keep people posted on our progress and provide working copies of my data so you don't have to wait for a completed product. I will also post any photos of Stock family members that I receive during the process of getting in touch with Stock family members. It is going to be a big project and I will be contacting many of you for help in locating and documenting updated information.

Brother Louis provided us with only names and dates. I would like to add locations of births, deaths and marriages. This is the kind of information family researchers will need in the future to track the growth and movements of our family. I would also like to include photos where ever possible. I will be asking family members to scan old photos and provide us with digital images we can post on a website and eventually publish with an updated family tree. I will make sure that every family member who wants a copy of the updated Stock Family Tree receives one either electronically or a hard copy via the U.S. Post Office.

Please contact me here by e-mail with comments, suggestions or family information.

-- Mike Stock