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                    Albert J. Hoge
                      1869 - 1943

Albert was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1869  to James M. Hoge and Louise McKlen.  James was a physician and drug store owner, and Louise was a house wife.  She died at about age 30 around 1880.  Albert grew up in Arkansas, then moved with his family, which included his father and step-mother Harriet, to Missouri around 1895.  He married Emma Pilcher on October 3rd, 1895 and went to work as a surveyor.  He and Emma had two children, Helen and Larry, and divorced around 1910.  He paid Emma $30 per month child support until Larry turned 16.  He moved to Chicago where he worked as a civil engineer for the Chicago water department for the next twenty-plus years.  In 1924 he married Amanda C. Hansen, a Swedish widow with two grown children.  She worked as a secretary for the city water department, and that is probably how they met.  Albert died on April 22nd, 1943, and is buried at Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Park, IL, outside of Chicago.  Amanda died in 1954 and is buried along side her husband.


        Lawrence Kennett Hoge
                1903 - 1971

Larry was born in St. Louis to Albert and Emma (Pilcher) Hoge.  He lived in a home that included his father, mother, grandmother and all his mother's surviving brothers and sister.  He learned to play the piano and violin and played good enough to earn a living playing in a band as a young man.  He met Ellen Behan through a mutual friend in 1928, and the couple were married on January 2nd, 1930.  Ellen moved in with Larry and his mother and in 1935 she gave birth to their only child, Mary Bridget Hoge.  Larry worked odd jobs during the depression, and played his violin at night to make extra money.  When WWII broke out he and Ellen both took jobs in the war industry working for Carter Carburetor making carburetors for aircraft engines.  After the war, Larry had trouble finding work and he and Ellen decided to follow her brother James Behan to Conception, MO where he hoped to find work at the Catholic Monastery where Jim had become a monk.  He did odd jobs for several years around Conception and Clarinda, Iowa.  Finally he found work as an orderly in a hospital in St. Joseph, MO where he worked for the next 20 years until he retired in 1969.  He was killed by a drunk driver just two miles from his home on August 21st, 1971.  Larry dropped out of high school at 16 to help support his mother, but was a gifted musician and artist.  He loved to tell stories about the old west and was an avid gun enthusiast.  He carried a Smith and Wesson .38 Special in the glove box of his car for as long as anyone can remember, while he commuted 50 miles to work and back each day.  He is buried at St. Columba Cemetery in Conception Jct. in Nodaway County, MO.

                            Larry Hoge
Apparently Emma missed not having a little girl, because she loved to grow Larry's hair out and put him in dresses.  She continued this until Larry was 5 or 6 years old.  As an adult, he still had fond memories of his first "boy haircut".









        Larry Hoge abt age 4 or 5
Thankfully Larry was identified on the back of this photo because it sure looked to be a girl child.












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