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Hi!  I have pictures! You're shocked, I'm sure.  It was a big weekend for
us, we had graduation and Bella's baptism.  It was all a big whirlwind,  but
we had a great time!  I've attached a ton of pictures,  we have over a
hundred so it was hard to choose my favorites, but I compressed them a
bunch, so they shouldn't take long to load.  If you want a pic for printing
quality, give me a holler and I'll send the whole file.

These  pics are of graduation, reception, baptism, and just hanging out in

Graduation was fun.  At first my attitude was that it was a little bit of a
chore having to sit through the whole thing, mostly (I told myself) I was
just doing it for my parents.  But I really did enjoy myself, walking across
the stage was more of a thrill than I anticipated.

It was delightful watching my little niece, Emery, and Bella.  Emery is such
a little ham, she was a riot, I wish I had taken more pics of her,  but I
was having so much fun watching her, I forgot!  I can't wait until Bella is
big enough to chase around after her (thanks to big sis, Karen, for dragging
up the kids!).

Emma is Bella's godmother, as well as guardian and protector (all weekend!).
  Auntie Em tried to school grandpa in the art of baby wrangling, as if he
never raised a baby ;), and did a pretty good job.

Needless to say, it was a big weekend and will definitely go down in our top
10 list of monumental days (assuming we have less than 10 kids!).  Thanks so
much to all of our friends and family who came from far and wide to share
this with us, it means more than you'll ever know.

And now, it's time to relax!  People keep asking me what it feels like to be
a doctor and all I can say is "I don't know!  I haven't slowed down enough to
think about it!"  Maybe that's not being completely honest, I have already
uttered the phrase "that's DOCTOR dork to you!" I may not be able to get my
brothers and sister to stop calling  me names, but I can demand the proper
title first! ;P

For now I'm going to try and chill out and enjoy the euphoria of "yes, I
finally did it, I'm a doctor", because in a few short weeks it will be "oh
shit, I'm a doctor and I don't know what the hell I'm doing!!!"  One of my
faculty physicians told me that you never forget the first time you have a
patient and you have no clue what is wrong with them, and you think "this
dude needs a freaking doctor", and then you are filled with dread and fear
when you realize that YOU are the doctor!  So yeah, looking forward to that :).

Have a great summer,  and we'll talk to you soon!